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Who We Are

The Pickens County Republican Party believes that the principles of the party should be based upon

the precepts laid down by the founders of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Limitations on the powers of government
Emphasis on individual freedom and rights
Equality under the law for all persons
Separation of powers among the executive, legislative and judicial branches

We believe that good government is based upon the individual and that each person’s

ability, dignity, freedom and responsibility must be honored and recognized.

We also believe that Free Enterprise and the encouragement of individual initiative

and incentive have given the United States an economic system unparalleled in history.

We further believe that Americans should value and preserve their feelings of national strength

and pride and, at the same time, share with people everywhere a desire for peace

and freedom and the extension of human rights throughout the world.

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"We are the official Republican Party of Pickens County, Georgia.

We feel that political involvement can be from any citizen

who cares about their community, their state, their nation,

and the conservative principles that the Republican Party values."

Our Mission

Our Mission is to reinforce the principles and actions of the national and state organizations while providing specific activities for the benefit

of the citizens of our county.

These fundamental principles include:

Advocating for reducing the size of government

Streamlining bureaucracy

Returning power to individual states and citizens

Our Mission

We Believe

The Pickens County Republican Party

believes in respect for individual liberty and strongly promotes freedom, opportunity and personal responsibility. The Party believes this is best achieved through the election of qualified conservative candidates who promote responsible, accountable, and limited government. It is the Party’s objective to increase voter awareness and participation by informing, encouraging, and engaging voters while maintaining the highest standard of ethics in the political process.

We Appreciate Your Support!

Pickens County, GA

Republican Party

744 Noah Drive

Suite 113 - PMB 135

Jasper, GA 30143


Phone: (706) 751-9965

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